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Nana - Professional Dog Trainer
and Behaviourist

Hi, I am Nana, the founder of K9 of Mine. I am a proud owner of a working line Labrador Retriever, Coal, who is the dream canine of mine. Coal is my inspiration behind pursuing my passion of working in the canine industry. I am truly proud of him - his desire and willingness to work, natural knack to pick up new skills and polish off existing ones, and a little sprinkle of cheekiness makes him my dream dog. 

However, Coal has not always been a joy. His lead reactivity towards other dogs was something that was affecting our lifestyles and mental well-being. Sounds all too familiar?


I knew the reason behind his "bad behaviours" must have been me; however, I needed some help and that independent outsider's perspective to figure things out and start enjoying owning a dog again. I took him to a couple of trainers with little to no improvement. After our session with a professional balanced behaviourist, not only I received the tools and knowledge to address' Coal's mischief, but also I knew what my true calling was - helping other people improve and develop a better relationship with their dog and achieve that dream canine companion.

Coal is my "proof in the pudding" that a combination of calm, consistent leadership with clearly set and established rules, boundaries, and expectations, and a balanced approach are the KEY to having one's dream dog.

I am proud that I have completed Advanced Canine Training and Behaviour Course provided by the Will Atherton Academy - I am Will Atherton Approved Trainer. Nerdy and curious by nature, I dedicate my free time to continuous professional development: coaching from the leading canine behaviourists in the industry, attending online and in-person seminars, and researching different training methods. I am really passionate about improving my craft.


Have you ever struggled with your dog pulling on a lead such that they nearly pulled your shoulder out of its socket, or even dragged you out from your seat? Does your dog come when called UNLESS "there's other dogs and distractions"? Do you and your dog need some help with building your confidence?

Have you ever experienced puppy biting and branded your puppy a landshark? Experienced them jumping up? Had a few accidents in the house? Or generally are about to welcome a new pooch into your lives but have no idea where to begin and want to give them the best start to their journey with you? 


Sound all too familiar? Why don't you drop me a message so we can chat about how I can bring my expertise and help you to achieve the dream canine companion of yours?  

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