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Outlined below are the Terms and Conditions which are put in place for the interest of safety, responsibility, and welfare of K9 of Mine and my clients. Please note that a payment for a service offered by K9 of Mine also implies full agreement with these Terms and Conditions.​​​

  1. K9 of Mine cannot accept responsibility for loss, injury, or damage to a person, dog, or property.

  2. During private sessions and / or classes, I am expected to clean up after my dog(s) when in public spaces.

  3. During private sessions and / or classes, I must keep my dog(s) under control and on a lead in public areas. I  must keep my dog off lead only only when specifically instructed by K9 of Mine.

  4. When training / walking in public areas, all dogs must be fully wormed and protected by vaccines and have had a full health check by a vet.

  5. I understand that if my dog(s) receives the kennel cough vaccine at any time, K9 of Mine cannot provide services to my dog(s) for 2 weeks thereafter as it is a live vaccine. I agree to notify K9 of Mine if my dog(s) receives the kennel cough vaccine.

  6. I authorise K9 of Mine to obtain any emergency veterinary care that may be necessary during the time spent with my dog(s). I understand that every effort will be made to contact me prior to obtaining emergency care. I accept responsibility for any charges related to this emergency care.

  7. Any health problems must be stated at the time of booking and if any health problems are likely to affect the private training session / walking K9 of Mine must receive a vet referral before commencing training with K9 of Mine.

  8. I confirm that everything discussed during the consultation with K9 of Mine I know is true and a fair representation of my dog(s).

  9. I confirm that any history of human/dog bites will be disclosed to K9 of Mine no later than at the time of booking or during the initial consultation.

  10. I will be responsible for any medical expenses and damages resulting from an injury to the dog walker/trainer, to my dog(s), or other persons/animals or property by my dog(s). I agree to indemnify and hold harmless K9 of Mine in the event of a claim by any person as a result of injury and or damage caused by my dog(s) and to my dog(s).

  11. K9 of Mine will inform me of any incident or anything they notice about the dog(s) that the owner should know.

  12. I understand that K9 of Mine reserves the right to refuse to walk or train any dog(s).

  13. I declare that my dog(s) is / are not on the banned breed list in accordance with UK law.

  14. I declare that my dog(s) is / are not under a Dog Control Order. Should this change, I will inform K9 of Mine prior to my next arranged service.

  15. I understand that K9 of Mine cannot walk a bitch in season. If an outdoor training session is scheduled, it shall be rearranged for a later date when the season has ended. I agree to notify K9 of Mine of any changes.

  16. Children are welcome to attend training session(s) / classes; however, for safety and training consistency children under the age of 16 must remain under adult parent / guardian supervision. Parents may wish to speak with their children prior to sessions to explain how important it is to listen and be present when involved in the session(s).

  17. Bookings for individual sessions and classes will be confirmed via text or email. Full payment for the service provided by K9 of Mine must be made prior to the first appointment.

  18. When purchasing a package session, to receive the discount, the payment must be made in full prior to the first session. No refunds will be given once session packages have begun.

  19. I have 48 hours upon receiving my invoice to pay the full amount. Booking with K9 of Mine is not confirmed until payment, in full, has been made.

  20. If a cancellation is made for a training service with less than 48 hours' notice I will still be required to pay for the service. Cancellations are required to be made as soon as possible via phone / email. 

  21. Rescheduling of sessions can be made with no less than 48 hours’ notice prior to the start of the appointment. I must rebook future dates at this time otherwise it will count as a cancellation. Rescheduling my session for a second time will result in loss of the funds and I will have to rebook a separate session. 

  22. K9 of Mine may consider true emergencies on a one-to-one basis and reschedule without charge.

  23. Travel costs apply to each appointment where we travel to you. 

  24. I realise I must give a minimum of 24 hours' notice to cancel any walking appointments or the full amount of the service will be collected. If required, I will make a cancellation as soon as possible via telephone/email.

  25. COVID-19: if I or anyone in my household has any symptoms I will inform K9 of Mine immediately. I will take a lateral flow test prior attending the session. If the lateral flow test is negative, the sessions can go ahead. 

  26. Rescheduling due to COVID-19 - if I test positive and need to reschedule with less than 48 hours’ notice, I will be charged a £30 cancellation fee to be paid at time of rescheduling. 

  27. If K9 of Mine test positive for COVID-19, K9 of Mine will reschedule my session(s) to the next available dates. Payment made will be transferred to the newly rescheduled session. This will not count as a rescheduled session for the purposes for Clause 20 of these Terms and Conditions. 

  28. Failure to pay: should the payment not be made within 30 days from the due date as specified in Clause 18, then K9 of Mine will take further action to which I may endure costs.


In addition to the terms and conditions specified above, the following apply to the group classes: 

  • Before the first class, you will be sent confirmation of your booking.

  • It is not K9 of Mine’s responsibility to ensure that I attend the classes on the correct date, time, and location according to the K9 of Mine’s instructions. 

  • Failure to pay for the full group class in advance may result in my place on the course being given to another client. 

  • Failure to attend a course that I have booked a place on, but not yet paid for, will result in a request for full payment, which I agree to be liable for.

  • The group training course consists of 6 weekly classes. Should I fail to attend one or more group classes I will not be issued a refund and will not be able to attend any other classes. There will be no partial refunds for missed classes.

  • I must provide a vaccination card during the first class to confirm that the dog(s) is (are) fully vaccinated. Failure to provide the vaccination card in the first session will not allow your attendance of the group session and no refund will be issued. It is my responsibility to have my dog fully vaccinated and health warranted.

  • Occasionally, K9 of Mine may find that a class environment does not suit a puppy or owner. Full discussion concerning the best way to proceed will be undertaken and this may result in K9 of Mine making alternative arrangements to assist.

  • K9 of Mine make every effort to ensure safety of both clients and dogs during the classes. By making a booking, I am accepting that participating in an activity with puppies, children and adults poses a risk of injury to myself and your dog, and I agree to indemnify K9 of Mine for all personal injury and damage to property owned by me while attending the training classes. I also agree to make any person who accompanies me to the class aware that they are also there at their own risk.

  • Missed classes cannot usually be taken by joining another group run by the tutor at the appropriate time as there may not be spare places and it is disruptive to the other group.

  • There will be no on-lead dog greetings. All dogs must remain on lead and kept away from contact with other dogs within the premises unless specifically instructed by K9 of Mine.

  • All instances of accident or injury must be reported to K9 of Mine at the time they occurred.

  • If a class has to be cancelled due to extraordinary circumstances beyond K9 of Mine’s control (such as weather that prohibits travel or is too extreme for safety), a refund will not automatically be given but every effort will be made to provide an alternative arrangement. This could involve a replacement class on an alternative day or a temporary switch to online teaching. 

  • All other cancellation and refund requests are at the discretion of K9 of Mine and dependent on individual circumstances.

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