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In a 1-2-1 in-person consultation I will identify the root causes of any issues that you may be facing with your dog. The most common canine “misbehaviours” I help dog owners address are lead pulling, excessive barking and jumping up, and reactivity to different stimuli. I will draw up a tailored plan of action and practical recommendations that you can put in place straight away to help you address your issues and improve your leadership. All I ask of you is to be open-minded and present during our sessions. 

Sounds daunting? Too much change? Fret not. We will discuss how you can successfully make those recommended changes to your lifestyle and begin to see that dream dog you always wanted. I will coach and guide you in improving your skills and relationship with your dog. You can drop me a message or give me a call between our sessions if you have any questions or need extra help.

1-2-1 sessions are up to 90 mins long. After the first session, you will receive a detailed written follow-up report containing a summary of the session and the recommended actions that you should implement. These sessions can be held at your home, a place near your home, or you can come to me. 

If you are committed to a permanent, long-lasting, and sustainable change in your dog's undesirable behaviours, I strongly recommend booking at least 2 sessions spaced 2-6 weeks apart. Teaching and learning takes time (for both you and your dog) and is not without setbacks, hence where I come in and guide you and your dog through the process. 


In-person consultation

Single session - £137*

2 x sessions package - £207*

4 x sessions package - £347*

Single follow-up session - £87 

*Travel charges may be added depending on where the sessions are held.


Online consultation

1 hour - £77

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