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Cliche alert! It is never too early to start training your puppy! I firmly believe the training should begin when you bring your new pup home. It does not have to be complicated, and little and often goes a looong way!

Why consider puppy training?

Owning a puppy is a joyful experience. Most of the time.

At some point you:

  • may have started doubting yourself whether you are doing the right thing;

  • have had many questions about your puppy misbehaving - puppy biting, toilet training, crate training, and resorted to Googling only to find conflicting advice;

  • were worried about them becoming reactive and developing a whole lot of problems when they are older;

  • wanted to start socialising your puppy to dogs and other stimuli but unsure of the best way of going about it;

  • wanted professional advice and help with teaching foundations of training and manners.

I can assure you, that most, if not all puppy owners go through at least one of those hurdles. I would love to guide you and your puppy through the peaks and troughs of puppyhood and help you put great foundations in place to set you and your pup up for a great future ahead.

How I can help you

In our 1-1 sessions we will look at puppy training holistically and cover a wide range of areas:

  • Foundational obedience: sit, place, down, heel, recall, place, leave it, drop it;

  • Sleep, nutrition, play time;

  • Foundations of socialisation; 

  • Toilet training; 

  • Interactive games;

  • Confidence building and exposure; 

  • House manners; 

  • Impulse control;

  • Avoiding the most common mistakes. 



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These sessions last up to 90 mins and take place at your home. We will go over the foundations of puppy training as well as any questions or concerns that you may have. A great option for those who've had a puppy before but it's been a minute or those who have read so many things online and feel overwhelmed! 

*Suitable for puppies aged 8 weeks - 6 months.

**Follow-up 1-1 sessions last 60 mins and are priced at £87



This is the ultimate "perfect puppy" package! 

After 4 sessions we'll have addressed everything you could possibly need to have the puppy you've always dreamt of.

You'll walk away after these sessions with absolute clarity on how to raise your puppy so you have zero doubts and questions about what you're doing.


From impeccable manners to zero reactivity. From fun play time to giving them the exercise and fulfillment they need.


The perfect puppy for the perfect owner!

*Suitable for puppies aged 8 weeks - 6 months.

**Follow-up 1-1 sessions last 60 mins and are priced at £87

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